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ONTD Original: Jordan Peele's Greatest Horrors (Before Get Out)

Get Out was one of the best films of 2017. A razor sharp horror satire which has already become iconic, this award-winning smash hit came out of nowhere. OR DID IT? Fans of writer-director Jordan Peele's much-missed show, Key & Peele, will be familiar with his and comedy partner Keegan-Michael Key's deep love of all things horror. Let's take a look back at some of their scariest skits.

An Aerobics Champion Gets Some Bad News

Horror inspo: Playing off the found footage genre, this grimy VHS copy of the 1987th Jazz Fit Championship (a pretty spot on parody of this) turns to tragedy. Features genre fave Clint Howard and a truly brilliant performance by Keegan-Michael Key dancing through the pain.

A Dying Kid Makes A Wish

Horror inspo: "Devil child" movies like The Omen, Bad Seed and The Good Son. A kid at the hospital gets a visit from the Make-A-Wish foundation.

LMFAO Tries To Leave A Party

Horror inspo: Metaphysical escape horror Cube, possibly Harlan Ellison's short story I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream. LMFAO sing a song about partying forever, and realise that's exactly what they're doomed to do.

Meegan and Amy buy a puppy

Horror inspo: Meegan is an iconic comedy sociopath in the mold of Julia Davis' Jill Tyrell and this sketch cuts right to her dark core, taking the horror-inspired vernacular of edgy millennials to the next level.

Roommate Meeting

Horror inspo: The post-Ringu Japanese horror that made bank in the West - all pasty wraiths and creepy effects. The sketch is charmingly filmed in the style of That 70s Show!, which makes for a pretty unique mash-up.

Hall of Mirrors Showdown

Horror inspo: The Hannibal universe serial killers Buffalo Bill and The Tooth Fairy inform Jordan Peele's psychotic killer. Also, how lush is this sketch visually? When will Nicolas Winding Refn

Continental breakfast

Horror inspo: Obviously, The Shining. A paean to the glory of a complimentary hotel breakfast becomes something all the more disturbing and eternal.

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Fave Key & Peele moments?
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