Katy Perry Peeved at Taylor Swift for Sharing Apology Note Online

Katy Perry took the high road and offered an olive branch to Taylor Swift to mend their differences. Swift embroiled Perry with a petty feud that lasted almost six years. Swift started the feud and made it public by writing a song about Perry, the music video depicts Swift's squad assassinating Perry and Swift continued her petty juvenile antics by releasing her music catalog on streaming platforms the day Perry released 'Witness'. Debuted 'Look What You Made Me Do', during the vma's which Perry was hosting, while taking jabs at Perry in the cut. In a car ride with James Corden, Perry said she tried calling Swift personally to squash the beef but Swift never returned any of her calls. Perry took it upon herself to be the bigger than me person and apologize to Swift. Instead of thanking Perry personally Swift posted Perry's offering on social media. Katy was caught off guard because it seems like she's the one to blame, when in reality Swift started the feud and prolonged the drama all because of John Mayer.

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