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Rose McGowan had mixed emotions watching Cosby verdict

  • She was thrilled for the victims but jealous because she doesn't feel she will see justice done with Weinstein

  • Back doing promo for her reality show Citizen Rose

  • Earlier this year suffered a breakdown doing promo because she had to keep talking about her rape

  • After she was heckled at a book signing she fired her publicist and went to stay on a farm with miniature horses

  • Still finds it difficult to interact with the press because she feels they treat her like a joke

  • Says she didn't talk about Weinstein earlier because society wasn't ready

  • Specifically initially chose not to speak to Ronan Farrow because she knew about Matt Lauer sexually harassing women at NBC (Farrow initially was working on the story for NBC before finally publishing it through the New Yorker)

  • Asia Argento says the only reason she came forward about her own rape was because of Rose

  • Claims she knew nothing about Victor Salva being a child molester and she takes responsibility for working with him

  • Sold her home in L.A. because people were harassing her about Weinstein to see her reaction

  • Her drug charge for cocaine possession is going forward and she faces up to 10 years in prison


Tags: actor / actress, harvey weinstein, interview

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