Riverdale Roundup: More 2x21 Stills, Met Gala, Madchen Interview and More


In this penultimate episode, it's going to be a riot tonight on Riverdale! Hopefully Reggie gets his ass kicked, the Black Hood shit gets resolved FOR GOOD, and other stuff


Somehow Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart got to attend the Met Gala




-Was initially nervous about playing a mom since parent roles on teen shows can be so thankless and throwaway. But RAS said he wanted Alice Cooper to "be like Annette Bening in American Beauty" which really appealed to Amick
-Would like if they just took a breather and pumped the breaks in season 3
-Really wants FP and Alice too hook up




Camila is currently shooting a new movie. In the film, she is part of a mother-dauther duo who run a motel on the border where they murder certain guests (like sex traffickers and drug runners??) but then their operation is put to a halt upon the arrival of two unwanted guests (who might be part of the cartel and hold them hostage??). Adriana Barraza will play her mother in the film. Charlie Weber (HTGAWM) will also somehow feature in this film