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Khloe admits she's horrified after seeing how big her butt is now


Khloe Kardashian was a little stunned, like everyone else on ontd, at the first pics of her post-pregnancy a few days ago.

"When I saw myself in those first post-pregnancy paparazzi photos, I couldn't believe how big my booty looked!" Khloe said on her app and website Tuesday. "I can't wait to tone up again and get my body back to where it was."

"I'm super excited because my doctor finally cleared me this week to work out and I'm going to meet with Coach Joe!" she added. "I've literally been counting down the days."

Khloe gave birth on April 12th to daughter True with cheater baby daddy, Tristan Thompson. Khloe is not alone with man troubles, as Kim has her hands full with Kanye being a Drumpf supporter and saying slavery was a choice. Here's to hoping instead of losing some of that butt, she loses the cheater instead.

Ontd, are you ever shocked at how different you look in photos?
Tags: fitness, kardashian / jenner

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