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Questions are still being asked about the Twin Peaks season 3 finale

-There was a Showtime limited series’ Emmy FYC event recently, and David Lynch continued to be mum on what happened in the finale
-When asked if he knew this was the ending, he said, “This is the ending. It’s right there. You all just saw the ending.”
-It's still unclear as to whether there will be a season 4
-For Part 18, he kept a lot of Kyle MacLachlan's dialogue out of the script beforehand
-Lynch told Laura Dern that she needed to tap into enjoying using the word "fuck" and the desire to smoke cigarettes
-Lynch was very sad about Miguel Ferrer's (who played Albert) passing, and said in the world of Twin Peaks, Gordon Cole is "pretty much devastated"

As viewers saw, Phillip Jeffries seemed to have been turned into a tea kettle. But... “It’s not a tea kettle,” he said. “It’s a machine. I actually sculpted that shape, and people see it as a tea kettle, but it’s a machine. If you want to see it as that, that’s fine, too.”


ONTD, how are you filling the Twin Peaks void in your life?
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