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Steven Universe Leaves Fans SHOOK After Recent Episode

- "A Single Pale Rose" premiered yesterday and unveiled a huge backstory to Steven Universe
- In "Can't Go Back" (Part I), Lapis was showing Steven Universe how she's been monitoring earth because she felt attached to the gems still
- Towards the end of the episode, Steven has a vision of the silhouette of Pink Diamond and Pearl with Rose Quartz' sword

- In Part II, Steven confronts Pearl about his vision, but she was adamant about saying anything
- Pearl eventually lets Steven into her mind/vault of memories to see what really went down in Steven's vision
- Memories show that Rose Quartz made a proposal for Pearl to shatter her with her sword in order to free earth from the Great Diamond Authority's domination
- Rose Quartz shape shifts to reveal she's Pink Diamond
- Pearl (shape shifted as Rose Quartz) shatters Rose/Pink Diamond

- Therefore Steven is a Diamond
- So Pink Diamond was leading the rebellion of her own ruling??? Which would conflict with a lot of gems and rebellion
- SU returns this summer

I just have a lot of questions left. How did yall feel?

Tags: cartoon / children's show, cartoon network, spoilers

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