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Neve Campbell speaks on the #MeToo movement

Neve Campbell, whose career spans almost 30 years, has worked with at least three of the men who've been outed as sexual predators: Harvey Weinstein, James Toback and Kevin Spacey. She spoke to Fashion Magazine about the #MeToo movement.

It's a very strange experience,” she says. “It’s just sad that there are people in this world who use their power to dominate others and take advantage and harm. Within all of this, that is the horrible thing. I think what I’ve been struggling with is that there hasn’t been much due process for certain people. At the same time, I’m glad that things are shifting. I’m certainly overjoyed that people are finding their voice and speaking up, and I think anyone who has been damaged shouldn’t hesitate to try to find justice. I’m really glad that that movement is happening. I think we need to be cautious about judging people until we’re absolutely certain. It’s a tough balance. I think it’s OK for the pendulum to swing right now. Maybe people need to be extra-cautious to figure out what’s appropriate and learn how to read signs and just be smart about it.”

•  Neve found success as Sidney Prescott in the Scream series beginning in 1996, all produced by the Weinstein brothers, Harvey and Bob. She also starred in 54, a film among the many reportedly "ruined by Weinstein." The film was changed so much that Campbell did not agree with it and didn't promote it until 2015 when the Director's Cut version was released.

•  In 2004, she joined James Toback in When Will I Be Loved. The movie depicts Campbell's character masturbating and other sexual situations. During the same year Campbell said to IGN of the sex scenes, "I had ownership of it, because Jim wouldn't have forced me to do anything. We had had discussions beforehand about my comfort level on things, and I obviously was very comfortable with things. But I wouldn't have put myself in a situation where I could be forced into anything, and I didn't feel like I was compromising."

•  In 2015, she joined Kevin Spacey in House of Cards for Season 4 and 5.

SOURCE: Fashion Magazine | Twitter | IGN
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