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Leon Bridges' Sophomore Album "Good Things" Releases To Praise

– Comprised of ten tracks synthesizing Leon's R&B sound from his debut album Coming Home with a modern edge and energy, Good Things released last week to positive reviews.
– Newsweek: "Although Good Thing is a move away from the sounds that brought him fame and leans into the mainstream, Bridges’ dedication to the universality of soul music and its evolution is anything but bad, bad news."
– Rolling Stone: "Not everything works. "If It Feels Good, It Must Be" and "You Don’t Know" feel like fake Pharrell, which is some pretty thin plastic. But the closers – the skin-to-skin makeup sex ballad "Mrs." and the free-ranging autobiographical narrative "Georgia to Texas" (Bridges' second tribute to his mom in as many albums) — show how expansive and individual Bridges can be, even as he guns for the charts."
– DJBooth: "In 2015, Leon Bridges innovated upon soul in a giddy whisper, but on Good Thing, he’s moving the genre forward with a bellied shout. Delivering a record as textured and intuitive as Good Thing in only three years' time implies Leon Bridges is one of the most perceptive artists of our generation."
– The Current: "The new album, Good Thing, is ambitious, bouncing all over the place musically, but in a very good way. Leon shows he is more than just a great singer. He sounds like a man on a mission to make a great album, and I think he reached his goal [...] Good Thing is certainly no sophomore slump, Bridges shows ambition beyond being a retro soul singer. This might be a full on masterpiece."
– Bridges released two music videos for the album already. You can find them and the rest of the tracks below. He also recently performed "Bad Bad News" on Ellen and will appear on Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series on August 17th.

ONTD, what do you think of the album?

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