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Star Wars Episode IX Leaks From User Who Previously Predicted Plot Points In The Last Jedi

New posts by a reddit user who leaked some major plot points (but got a lot of details wrong) of TLJ's first treatment two years ago has come forward with new info about the early Episode IX storyboards. Let us walk through the valley of the shadow of death and this nightmare headline point by point:

– The film starts after a five-year time jump. The new Empire is thriving and has brought about a new era of peace and prosperity. Kylo is said to be benevolent and people apparently love him (where? where are they?), and the Resistance is fractured and no longer a central force in the galaxy and not popular bc the Empire is good now. Leia, Rey, Finn, Poe and Rose are still against empirical rule.
– The A-Plot: Rey and company receive a tip from a First Order mole that if they follow their lead to the Unknown Regions of the galaxy they will learn of the horrifying truth of the Empire's success. This leads them to rescue a female alien prodigy from a First Order base who helps them navigate throughout the Unknown Regions. She helps them find a planet comprised of all water, under which is an ancient manufacturing station where citizens of conquered planets are being literally being used to "power" the Empire's success. The machine "literally runs on life. Entire populations are slaughtered to power it" (lol). This is apparently built up to in the Aftermath canon novels, where it's revealed Palpatine was looking for “a wellspring of the dark side" in the Unknown Regions. Rey and company must liberate the captives before time runs out and expose these horrors to the rest of the galaxy. This plot ends with them succeeding and the Unknown Regions preparing for war with the Known Regions, or the rest of the new Empire.
– The B-Plot: Kylo Ren is hunting down force users and also trying discover the mole among his ranks. This involves the Knights of Ren, and at the end of the search Kylo learns that Hux was the mole helping Rey and co., and he was hoping to take over Kylo's throne after the Resistance compiled a massive call out post ruining his reputation (joking about this part btw).
– Rey and Kylo still have a force bond. Contrary to a lot of conflicting debate about how Rey closed the door on Kylo for good after TLJ where he screamed at her and made her cry about how she's nothing and no one except to him so she would join him to rule over his new fascist government, the force bond has not been severed, and it is revealed throughout the film that Rey and Kylo actually love each other.
– The big kicker: Force users young and old have sought out Rey's guidance and protection and she trains them to be Jedi. It's revealed that one of Rey's force students is actually her child. When Kylo finds out, he "loses control because he’s hurt and nearly kills (Rey) accidentally" before Leia saves her at the last minute. Kylo is the father and the child is around five years old. He feels especially betrayed because everyone else has already betrayed him at some point or something. Lmao. Lucasfilm is supposedly looking for a toddler boy but it will depend on how the casting search goes.
– Other information: Lucasfilm is considering titles, including "The New Empire" and "The New Kingdom". Leia will be recast. Episode IX will NOT be the end of the sequel series, and Lucasfilm is looking to lock down Ridley et. al's contracts so the story can continue. They want to break out of the trilogy format for the main saga. Lucasfilm also wants the cast from the sequel series to show up in spinoff films.
– The poster ends with this, emphasizing it's an early concept: "As with last time I will add the disclaimer that this is an early story board but the heart of the film is there with secret love child and the theme of an Empire thriving but at a terrible cost. You can expect the story to play out very close to this."
Another user on 4Chan also posted the following information: Lucasfilm is looking to secure filming at Malta Film Studios, which has one of the largest underwater sets in filmmaking. Five year time jump, people like the empire, don't like the idea of revolution against it. Casting is looking for five actors in great shape who will undergo martial arts training ages 19-40 (Knights of Ren) and also a young Caucasian boy for a "secret role". Leia has been recast and an announcement will come soon. A "significant portion of this story will take place on an aquatic planet with an underwater civilization." Darth Jar Jar is behind it all?

ONTD, do you believe any part these leaks? Is Darth Jar Jar trolling us?

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