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ONTD Original: 6 Examples That Prove Dictionaries Give Zero Fucks On Twitter

Dictionary twitter accounts are both educational and brutal. Yes, you read that right - dictionary twitter accounts are some of the biggest trolls on twitter, and it's amazing. Below the cut is a collection of tweets made by both the and Merriam-Webster twitter accounts to highlight the savagery (and sanity) of these word nerds:

6 Times Dictionaries Gave Zero Fucks On Twitter

6. Joins The Roast of DJ Khaled
After DJ Khaled said he doesn't eat pussy but demands head from his wife because the rules are different between men and women, twitter was whipped up into a roasting frenzy and wasn't afraid to join the party:

5. Dictionaries Hate Republicans

Here's calling American Vice President Pence a "sycophant"

Here's Merriam-Webster calling bullshit on "alternative facts"

And here's again coming for the NRA after a speaker incorrectly said that political and media elites were the "definition of dystopia" (they also just called Sarah Huckabee Sanders a hypocrite lol)

4. They Also Hate Sexists and Homophobes
Dictionaries are quick to shut down backlash that stems from a sexist or homophobic place, including the shitstorm over the Ghostbusters all-female remake and the announcement that Doctor Who would be played by a woman for the first time ever:

3. They'll Hold You To Your Word
After Michelle Wolf's amazing appearance at the White House Correspondent's Dinner, Dennis Miller decided to take to twitter to say he would have a string of mean jokes about her to come on the following Wednesday (they never came and made that perfectly clear).

2. They Have No Time For Revisionist Bullshit
In response to Kanye saying that slavery "was a choice", shut that down real quick:

Got that, #Kanye?

1. This Act of Cannibalism
They even go after their own.

Learn any interesting new words, ONTD?
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