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Vida - First Look Trailer and Reviews

  • First look trailer for Tanya Saracho's new series, Vida, which airs tomorrow night (May 6) on Starz (where episodes are usually up on starz.com 24 hours early!)

  • Stars Mishel Prada and Melissa Barrera as two estranged sisters from East L.A. who face their past together after their mother dies

  • Interview with Saracho underscores the representation in front of and behind the camera that helped build a cultural authenticity

  • Calls the half-hour series "fresh," coming from a perspective that isn't often represented in television

  • Gentrification, sexual identity, and the Latino experience in Los Angeles are front and center

  • Despite other series exploring gentrification, Vida covers new ground; the topic is part of the premise of the series and built into the characters

  • Characters are thoughtfully portrayed; Emma (Mishel Prada) is a closeted lesbian and the responsible sibling who comes home from Chicago while Lyn (Melissa Barrera) is the less grounded sibling who settled in San Francisco

  • The series isn't preachy and the writers and directors are careful to tell nuanced stories.  It has a "strong sense of self" despite only being six episodes long.

  • Calls Vida "really good television" and highlights the diversity it brings to television

  • The series rejects stereotypes and instead dives into subject matter not often portrayed on screen

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

Y'all better watch tomorrow night on Starz!

Tags: latino celebrities, lgbtq film / media, review, television - starz, television promo / stills

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