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Justin Bieber leaves Shawn Mendes a message on Instagram

• Former Pop star and current Hillsong Christian singer Justin Bieber left a message on Instagram for Twink of Pop™ Shawn Mendes.

“Handsome devil,” says the Biebs on Shawn's Instagram photo that features Mendes in a YOUTH hoodie.

• This isn't the first time these two “don't let me catch your ass in Toronto, I stay in Stratford and you keep your ass in Pickering” Canadians interacted. It's mostly been one-sided.

• In 2015, Bieber infamously responded with “Who's Shawn Mendes?” when asked about him during a 95.5 PLJ interview.

• Two years later in 2017, Biebs posted a photo of Mendes on his Instagram with the caption “What a LEGEND. @shawmendez”

• In other non-messy news, Twink of Pop and Guitar Riff Bops™ dropped a new track with Khalid called “Youth.” Hence the hoodie Mendes was wearing. Shawn recently mentioned that some of the proceeds from the song and merch will be going to March For Our Lives. An activist, taking it to Capitol Hill, use your voice for something that matters, etc!

Poll #2081087 Don't make me choose poll.

If you HAD to choose - what team?

Team Stratford (Bieber)
Team Pickering (Mendes)

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