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K-pop Legend Park Jin Young (JYP) Accused of Being In A Cult

* JYP (a producer/label owner/musician) has been accused by Dispatch, the TMZ of South Korea (but with a better investigative journalism team and not entirely focused on celeb news, so maybe more like WaPo...) of being a member of the Salvation Sect, a well known cult.
* Dispatch sent some of their reporters undercover to attend a March 2018 bible study that was being held by JYP. JYP had claimed in 2010 of being interested in learning about religion, but recanted on this 2014 saying he was an atheist.
* JYP's bible study was held in the building of the Salvation Sect, with the attendees being Salvation Sect members. Other attendees included Bae Yong-joon, this old nigga who did kdramas back in the day.
* Dispatch claimed the rhetoric JYP used in his bible study is the same rhetoric used by the Salvation Sect:
(I've never seen a passage that said that Jewish ppl flew to Israel on a plane. I'll let y'all know if I see that next time I open the bible tho)
* JYP has personal relationships with the Salvation Sect. JYP's wife is the niece of Yoo Byung-eon, former Salvation Sect leader, and the two had a good relationship.
* Yoo spent 4 years in prison in the mid 1990s due to a mass suicide that occured in 1987. 32 people were found dead, bound and gagged.
* Yoo also owned the Sewol ferry. 2014 the ferry sunk with the junior class of Danwon High School on board. 476 people were on board and 304 people died; most of them high schoolers. Yoo went on the road to avoid sentencing (he ws facing life in prison for his role in the Sewol ferry incident) but was found dead in a ditch about a month later.
* Ppl called for JYP to be investigated for the Sewol ferry incident too, but he managed to escape this. This is why JYP stated he was an atheist.
* JYP has denied any involvement in the Salvation Sect (as did Yonsama but no one cares about him), but Dispatch came thru with receipts and doubled down on their claims.
* Supporters of JYP claimed that Dispatch used the news of JYP's bible study to deflect from an accounting scandal at Samsung. Dispatch told them to shut the fuck up; Samsung is shady and so is JYP, if y'all had enough brain cells y'all could focus on both. Ironically, YG (another Korean producer/label owner and JYP's friend) used the news of JYP's cult to bury the news that he crushed the dreams of idols he used as dancing monkeys on a reality show.
* JYP maintains the claims aren't true, and invited the media out to his next bible study in September. This was mistranslated as JYP holding a press conference in September; honestly neither makes him look good.
* The Salvation Sect has also denied JYP's involvement as a sect leader.

Here's the JYP whisper for y'all too.

Sources: 1, 2 ,3, 4, 5
Tags: asian celebrities, cpop / jpop / kpop, religion, scandal, shit just got real, what is the truth

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