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Actress-singer Nive Nielsen talks AMC’s ‘The Terror’ and representing Inuit heritage on TV

  • Nive Nielsen is a Greenlandic actress-singer; her band is a folk-pop group called Nive and the Deer Children.

  • The Terror is her second acting role; more then ten years ago she was in Terrence Malick’s The New World.

  • On The Terror she plays Lady Silence, an Inuit woman whose father is accidentally shot by the British men on the Franklin expedition.

  • She discusses her character going on the ship for the first time ("She hasn’t heard of anybody before, she doesn’t know what the Europeans can do yet. I imagined she’s a little bit innocent in the sense that she’s trusting, and she’s not as scared as she should’ve been.")

  • She says the writers of the show did a lot of research and were respectful of the culture and that it was a "collaborative" experience to work on the character.

  • On the creature called the tuunbaq in The Terror: "We would say 'tuurngaq' here in Greenland, but it’s like a shaman’s helping spirit. It’s a creation of the shaman. It can literally be formed and shaped according to the shaman’s imagination."

  • She's fluent in Kalaallisut, the Greenlandic dialect of Inuktitut.

  • She also talks about her work in Greenland National TV and a whale hunting program she worked on.

  • At the conclusion of the interview, Nive says she would like to pursue more acting while continuing to make music with her band.

Please use spoiler cuts if discussing the book/show :)

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