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ONTD Original: Is 'Arrested Development' gonna cross over with 'Avengers: Infinity War'?

So, another Infinity War post! YAY. While we keep processing 'Infinity War' and try to guess what's gonna happen...what are the chances that Infinity War crosses over with Arrested Development?? QUITE HIGH.... CAUSE IT ALREADY HAPPENED!!

***spoilers for the MCU***

*Ron Howard's voice*
Previously on Arrested Development the Marvel Cinematic Universe...

During 'Captain America: Civil War' one of the best scenes was the airport fight in which Team Cap faced Team IronMan, one particular shot stood out. The one in which Antman and Captain America throw a toy truck to Team IronMan, but you can see in the background that the iconic Bluth staircar was in the airport during the battle.

So, was that enough?!! NOOOO!!!

Fast forward to 'Avengers infinity War', during the scene in which Starlord, Gamora, Drax and Manthis visit the Collector, you can see Tobias in blue right in the back, in one of the pods.

He's still in his iconic blue costume after he auditioned for the blue man group.

It could've been some random blue alien, until you see the Infinity War credits:

So, it WAS Tobias!!!

What can we expect later? The remaining Avengers in Arrested Development season 5? The Snap deleting season 4?! Mrs Featherbottom becoming an Avenger?!!


ONTD, which Bluth should join The Avengers? Lucille Bluth as the new head of SHIELD?
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