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No Nobel Prize in Literature for 2018

The Swedish Academy was founded in 1786 and is one of Sweden's most important institutions. It has awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature since 1901. It consists of eighteen members who are elected for life, unless kicked out.

In 2017 eighteen women accused Jean-Claude Arnault, the husband of Katarina Frostenson, a member of the Academy, of rape, sexual harassment, and other kinds of abuse. Arnault and Frostenson own an establishment in Stockholm with a lot of influence in the Swedish literature scene.

After the abuse allegations, it was revealed that the club owned by the couple had received money from the Academy's grants.

In April, the Academy declined to exclude Frostenson. Peter Englund, Klas Östergren and Kjell Espmark resigned in protest over the Academy's handling of the scandal.

Later, Katarina Frostenson and the Academy's constant secretary Sara Danius both resigned.

image source

People were pissed that two women were taking the fall in a scandal over a man's treatment of women. The picture is of a protest held in support of Danius.

Then, Horace Engdahl,remaining member and friend of Jean-Claude Arnault, gave an interview where he attacked Sara Danius, who had led the attempts to critically examine the Academy's role in corruption and sexual abuse. Sara Stridsberg resigned.

Since people can't leave the Academy, only stop participating, there are now only 10 active members.


No prize will be awarded this year, for the first time since 1949.

Instead, two prizes will be awarded next year.

This is a result of the fact that no one likes or trusts the Academy anymore.


Other source

article about Arnault and the abuse allegations

article about events in April

How would you feel about winning a Nobel Prize under these circumstances?
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