Solo Writers: Young Han Was "An Opportunity" To Deal With Him Being "Truly Attracted" To A Woman

– In an interview with GamesRadar+, father-son writing team Lawrence and Jonathon Kasdan talked about bringing Han back to his roots for a #solo movie. During the interview, Jonathon spoke about Han's romance with Qi'ra (Emilia Clarke), revealing he's probably never seen those movies his father worked on.
– Jonathon: "Han is the least chaste character in the Star Wars saga, so we saw making a young Han movie as an opportunity to really deal with a romantic and sexual relationship where he’s truly attracted to a woman and it’s a big part of the dynamic."
– Jonathon on their relationship "The relationship between Han and Qi’ra is as essential to the movie as anything - it’s central to that exploration of what is driving Han, what he’s searching for and what keeps him looking for the next big score."
– He also talked about the "change in tone" from the reportedly comedic set of the first two directors who were fired: "I would say the movie hasn’t changed tone. Obviously nobody wants to be in that situation, but it’s been an interesting developmental thing for the movie. Larry [Lawrence] and I worked on the script for nine months. Then Chris and Phil came in and brought all of their ideas, and humor, and thinking outside the box, and all the things you’d expect from those two guys on the script, the story, the casting and the design of the movie. It’s infinitely better for that contribution."
– He insisted the film remains a group vision after Howard was hired: "Then Ron came in with his own distinct, very specific point of view too, and an enthusiasm for the material. So it’s like it got another draft on top of that, but I think none of the virtues that Chris and Phil brought to the movie were lost. I think ultimately the movie that you’ll see is truly a product of the five of us all coming together in this weird way to tell this story."
– Reminder: Most of the actresses Lucasfilm was seeing for the female lead in Solo were black, causing fans to think Han's friend/implied ex-lover Sana Starros from the comics was gonna show up before Emilia was cast as Qi'ra. Sana Starros will be in the Last Shot canon novel from Daniel José Older though... how very generous.

ONTD, do you agree that Han is a lady's man, or do you feel it's part of a decades-long mischaracterization? How has the Han/Leia romance aged in your opinion?

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