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Celebrities Hold "Marielle Gigante" Musical Event for Death of Brazilian Politician Marielle Franco

– No one has been arrested since Marielle's murder on March 14th as police continue to investigate. Read the previous posts to catch up on developments: first, second, third. Several musicians and artists, including Heavy Baile, Filipe Ret, Flora Mattos, BK, Planet Hemp, Bloco Afrapunk and others held "Marielle Gigante" to honor her legacy.
– On April 14th, the car that Marielle and her driver Anderson Pedro Gomes were killed in went through a second examination. According to Globo TV, more fragments of projectiles were found, which will be compared to the 9mm bullets collected by the first examination (and as revealed in this post, they reportedly belong to a batch purchased by the Military Police in 2006).
– On today May 2nd, five of Marielle's bills and projects were approved during the Rio City Council session. The propsals will now be sent to Mayor Marcelo Crivella. These projects include:
[The bills]Space Owl (PL 17/2017): a night program for children while their parents or guardians are elsewhere, allowing for single/dual-time mothers to continue their studying/work.
  Day of Benza on the Day of the Black Woman (PL 103/2017): includes in the official calender The Day of Benzah as an addiitonal celebration in honor of the quimbola leader Thereza of Benguela, symbol of strength and resilence.
  Harassment is Not Passenger (PL 417/2017): Establishes the permanent Campaign for Awareness and Coping with Sexual Harassment and Violence in Rio, in public spaces and collective transportation.
  Effectiveness of Socio-educational Measures in Open Environment (PL 515/2017): Bureucratic measure, ensures socio-educational purposes of the Judiciary help adolescents enter the labormarket.
  Public and Free Technical Assistance for housing of social interest (PL 642/2017): It establishes free and public technical assistance for the design, construction, reform and regularization of housing of social interest for low-income families, as well as other measures for the right to housing and the city.
One bill that did not pass: Proposal of official day dedicated to battling LGBT bigotry.

– On April 25th, Judge Marilia Castro Neves, who said on Facebook that Marielle had criminal connections and that she was "elected by the Red Command", accused of slander by Marielle's widow Monica and their daughter, was taken to court by PSOL over defending the shooting of someone else this time, deputy Jean Wyllys. Neves wrote [translated], "I, in particular, am in favor of a prophylactic wall for certain beings ... Jean Willis [...] for example, although it is not worth the bullet that kills him and the cloth that cleans the licking, would not escape the wall ..." The judge allowed the criminal complaint, and Neves was given 15 days before answering back to court to defend herself. Neves is known for her "controversial" statements on social media, including mocking a campaign for awareness of sexual harassment in October 2015.
– In 2017, six volunteer Portuguese Wikipedia editors took down a page about Marielle Franco and her life, citing it did not meet Wikipedia's "notoriety" criteria, erasing her work from Portugal's Wikipedia. One editor, Joalpe, was in favor of the page, but was drowned out by the others. It was only after Marielle's murder on March 14th that Joalpe was able to request a change from the website and establish Marielle's page.
Elsewhere in coverage: Marielle's partner Monica is hard at work. Monica described in an interview she had enormous difficulty grieving Marielle for the first few days, but has since showed up at protests and in court to combat misinformation. Marielle was honored at a Harvard event late April. Protests continue in a more calculated manner like today with the bills. One painter created an art mural dedicated to Marielle.

ONTD, how are you feeling?

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