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8 (5) Celebrities who supported Tr*** and later regretted it


In the wake of a certain music artist who has left a fire with his mess comments about the admin and slavery, it's noteworthy that he is not the first to support Drumpf. During the primaries and after - way after if you're Shania Twain - he lured even some celebrities to his side and then saw the light. Some just in time or too late. Lets take a look.

*Aaron Carter

Around Feb '17, Aaron said he'd be supporting Agent Orange in a now deleted tweet that he wanted a leader, not a follower. Sometime before the election, he changed his mind, citing that there are too many reasons he can't be a part of it, after seeing a lot. Not sure what he meant by that, since his backing came after controversial comments.

*Caitlyn Jenner

Probably being more motivated by being a #NeverHillary, even so far as saying the country is over if she's elected, Caitlyn got lured in by "not being a single-issue voter". In July '17, Orange Mussolini rolled out a ban on transgender Americans in the military. Caitlyn then said she was going to burn her MAGA hat. Who would've thought a president who brought on the LGBT-icon, Mike Pence, to do something against the community...

*Azealia Banks

Banks, being the normal mess she is - flip-flopped on Trumplethinskin more times than i can count. In true Clueless fashion, Banks said, "what about the strain our resources???"(re:immigration). Banks took her support back, then said she agreed with him on some things, then called him an idiot. After that, she said America deserves a horrible president and will be voting for him, but took that back. Then back around... i'm dizzy.

*Dave Chappelle

Mr. Chappelle was not so far gone as to give him his vote (he actually gave it to Hill), but had his back after he was elected. “I’m gonna wish Donald Trump luck, and I’m going to give him a chance," he said on SNL.

Four months later at a NY benefit, he took it back, saying he was the first to go on tv to say give him a chance. "I fucked up."

*Kirstie Alley

Kirstie watched the 60 Minutes interview and was lured in by Putin's puppet, saying he has her support. After #grabherbythepussy, she took it back. It didn't mean she supported Hillary, though.

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