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The View talks about Mueller possibly subpoenaing Trump and chats with the Jersey Shore cast

In the world of politics, it's been a doozy of a week. Let's break down what has happened a set of questions have been released that could be asked to Trump in the case that he talks with Mueller. It has been understood that the questions that leaked were drafted by Trump's lawyer Jay Sekulow. In the past 24 hours, the public learned that Trump's lawyers do not have the security clearance to handle the information in regards to this investigation, Trump has fired Ty Cobb and Mueller is contemplating subpoenaing Trump to talk. Then there is also the side commotion in regards to Trump's doctor, the break-in and drafting his own "medical memo".

The panel also discusses if RHONY sets back women and Kanye West's slavery comments. Meghan, we find out is a big fan of Jersey Shore, and Sara interview the cast of the Jersey Shore on their comeback.

The best part of the episode Sara and Sunny go to Disney World to try out TOY STORY LAND!!!

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