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Pamela Anderson: Wikileaks is the only reliable source of information

Pamela Anderson is happy to be away from California. She says she'd never return again if it weren't for her children. She now lives in France where she hosts vegan barbecues and spends time with her soccer star boyfriend:
Since I was doing a lot of photo shoots here for Playboy, like 20 years ago, I wanted to live here so bad. I had done Malibu very well, you know? Like with Baywatch and Soho House and walking around with my dog. I felt like the mascot of Malibu. And I just wanted out of there."

She talks to her friend Julian Assange a lot:
"We talk about the Bible, we talk about what's happening with my kids, what's happening with his family. It's not just about politics, even though I do take a lot of notes and it's so overwhelming, the information he gives me."

Pamela is very worried about him now:
"The air and light quality [at the embassy] is terrible because he can't keep his windows open and he can't get any sunlight. Even prisoners can go outside, but he can't. I'm always bringing him vegan food, but he eats very simply. I talked to him on the phone the day [his internet] was shut off. He sent me an urgent call. And now, nothing."

She thinks he's misunderstood:
"He's so misunderstood. Especially in Hollywood, and really hated, because of the Clinton monopoly on the media."

She hasn't spoken to Kid Rock since their divorce in 2007 but she doesn't really buy his new persona:
"When he was with me, he didn't hunt. I don't think he was very Republican, but now he is. Oh well."

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