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Ariana Grande's New Album Title Revealed

- Ariana Grande is taking over on tonight's episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and revealed information about her upcoming releases.

- Fans who came back from the show were too eager to save the tea until the episode would air, but Ariana just confirmed it. Click to find out:

- Used to be #dangerous, Ariana is coming back wit a lil suga in our lives with new album Sweetener

- New song called R.E.M. is coming

- Has a song called "Raindrops" which uses a song from the 50s #TattooHeart3.0IsComing

- Her grandmother loves her song "God Is A Woman"

- Will have releases on the '20th' day of every month until July

Here's her talking about it:

Check out her first televised performance of NTLTC:

Doing musical challenges with Jimmy:

ONTD, do you need #sweetener when you drink coffee/tea?

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Tags: ariana grande, jimmy fallon, live performance, music / musician (pop)

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