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Xtina Talks About 'Starting From Scratch' + BBMA Teases 'Powerhouse Performer'

🏁 #Accelerate is coming? 🏁

Just hours ago, Christina posted this video on her IG page:

"Feelin like when you get to a place so comfortable, and so routine, then you know you have to stop and start from scratch."

Billboard Music Awards is also revealing performers and posted this teaser which people are guessing is Christina:

"The BBMAs stage has missed this performer's powerhouse vocals.
Over 20 songs in the Billboard Hot 100 with no signs of slowing down.
The new era continues on 5/20."

The 'no signs of slowing down' could be hinting the song "Accelerate" ft. 2 Chains and Ty Dolla $ign. Xtina hasn't performed at the BBMA since featuring with Pitbull for "Feel This Moment", and as a solo artist since her greatest hits medley in 2008.

Also wanna mention this video she posted with more behind the scenes footage with race car effects in the background:

#VroomVroomLotusVroom #ThisIsAccelerating

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Tags: award show - other, christina aguilera, music / musician

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