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Xtina Performs in Baku with New Visuals + Hints Music

Britney Spears' shadow resider and Oreo endorser Legend X gave a concert in Baku, Azerbaijan where she freshened up on her usual Billionaires Tour™ set, sporting a newer look and new video backdrops.

Xtina CONFIRMS the album title to be "Liberation" in a video interlude, which leaked previously in the last music post. It's #TIME for LIBERATION

And RUMORS are her new single will be Accelerate, which from the leaked tracklisting features 2 Chains and Ty Dolla Sign.

Here's a couple of clips from the night:
"Keep On Singing My Song"

New visuals

"The Voice Within"

Apparently on the same night, a Tr*mp Tower Caught on fire in Baku. #RingTheAlarm #AndImThrowinElbows

Are you ready to be Liberated? #SickofSitting

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Tags: christina aguilera, concert / tour dates, live performance, music / musician
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