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Todrick Hall believes in reverse racism

In a video where Todrick Hall responds to another YouTuber's criticism of his pattern of presentation of black people in his videos aimed toward a white audience, Todrick complains about reverse racism and black people referring to white people as "mayonnaise":
"We would upload a video that was nice and kind and really trying to get to the bottom of the situation instead of dragging someone over and over and over again and ultimately making reverse racism remarks. Whereas if a white person uploaded this exact video replacing all the times that he said mayonnaise with something that was offensive towards black people, this video would be going viral and people would be upset and saying that person was racist but right now there's not a single comment in his comments about the fact that he is being outwardly racist and coming for white people on a bunch of different levels when he's really trying to talk to me."

JustinJ, who made the video, wrote a response titled "Todrick Hall is Black Enough, But His White Gaze Concerns Me". He explains that this all started when he listened to Todrick's new song "Thug" that begins with the lyrics :
Yo, yo, yo
I used to fucks with them Ken doll types (mwah)
Them femme doll types
I had to switch up the hims I like (switch)
Get a cap with the brims I like
He got that whip with the rims I like (woo, woo)
Get that good right swipe
Type that the Khloe and Kims all like
Kims all like, yep (yeah, yeah, yeah)

He says that while Todrick claims to have learned from some of his problematic portrayals of black people in the past, like the "Snow White and the Seven Thugs" video that remains monetized on his channel where seven black people with names like "Ashy" and "Nappy" wake Snow White up, his "Thug" video shows more of the same.

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