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misty gish

NHL has to ask player to stop licking people

- After the first game of the series against the Leafs, the Bruins got a call from the NHL asking them if they could kindly ask Brad Marchand, who is almost 30, to refrain from licking people.

- When asked why he licked Komarov, Marchand replied “he’s cute.” He previously kissed Komarov on the cheek, and attempted to kiss/made a kissy face at then-Dallas Stars player Patrick Eaves. While I’m sure they’re happy he isn’t concussing people for once, why the NHL thinks this is okay is beyond me.

- Are there any unsolved serial murders in Boston?

- Good luck to the Lightning!

Brad Marchand says the NHL actually has no problem with him licking people:

People in the replies are encouraging him to prove it by licking a Tampa Bay player.

Once again, good luck to the Lightning!

SOURCES: 1 & 2

Have you ever been licked by a stranger?
Tags: sports / athletes - hockey
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