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First Footage of 'Halloween' 2018 Debuts at CinemaCon

-The footage starts off introducing a film crew making a documentary about Michael Myers, who was apprehended immediately after the first movie ended (retconning all sequels that have followed) and escapes imprisonment 40 years later.

-Jamie Lee Curtis returns as Laurie Strode, who has prepared for his escape by training with guns and outfitting her home with secret passages. She says she's prayed every day for this to happen. When someone asks why, she replies, "So I can kill him."

-The trailer highlighted two very intense moments. The first features a girl sitting in a public bathroom stall. Someone enters and she says it's occupied. Michael then puts his hand over the door and drops a bunch of bloody teeth on her, after which she begins screaming.

-The final moment takes place in a young boy's bedroom. He asks his teenage babysitter to close his closet door. She tries and tries, but it doesn't budge. She opens the door to see what's blocking it and Michael pops out, knife in hand.

Here are some reactions from the CinemaCon crowd:

Source 1
Source 2
Source 3
Source 4
Source 5
Source 6

ONTD, are you ready for Michael's return home?
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