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Director Ryuhei Kitamura and cast of "Downrange" talk about the film

  • Ryuhei Kitamura's new film, Downrange, starts streaming on Shudder tomorrow, April 26th.

  • Kitamura's previous films include Midnight Meat Train and Versus.

  • Kitamura co-wrote the film with Joey O'Brien after coming up with ideas of what scared them. O'Brien asked, "[W]hat if you were targeted by a sniper?" Kitamura said that scared him, and so they went with that idea: Downrange is about a sniper who targets a group of college students - strangers, carpooling together - on a deserted highway.

  • Cast includes Rod Hernandez, Stephanie Pearson, Jason Tobias, Alexa Yeames, Anthony Kirlew and Kelly Connaire.

  • The cast talks about playing unorthodox characters, not being "a bunch of stupid kids [who are] crying and screaming." Hernandez says of his role: “Being a minority actor, it was nice not to have to play the typical immigrant role.” Kierlew and Connaire were students at the time of filming and first-time actors.

  • Kitamura decided to open the film "with a bang," foregoing "boring, meaningless conversation…[filled with] bad direction, bad acting" that plagues most horror movies.

  • Spoiler? [Spoiler (click to open)]Kitamura talks about leaving the villain unexplained , and “The ending sells it. This is the ending that people will be talking about for years.”

In case you missed the trailer:
[Spoiler (click to open)]

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