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Viewers Praise "A Star Is Born" Trailer at CinemaCon, Poster Revealed

The trailer for the classic that's on its third remake starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper was shown at CinemaCon today by Cooper himself, and journalists & critics alike were stunned by what they were shown.

It's been reported that Gaga, who will be billed by her real name Stefani Germanotta, requested that they would not lip-sync during the musical parts of the movie. Cooper admitted he had to take about a year of vocal lessons in order to fulfill the role, and maybe it'll be worth it after all. There's also rumors that the soundtrack will feature country-ish songs like on Joanne and contemporary pop songs like "The Cure."

The movie will be out in theatre this October.
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Tags: actor / actress, bradley cooper, film, lady gaga, music / musician, reboot / remake / revival, review
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