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ONTD Original: Canceled! Is my fave next? 🤔

Nobody's favorite is truly safe from exposing and showing themselves. It happens often too many times: when our faves turn into problematic faves or even worse...are just straight up Trash. Meanwhile you're boppin' to your fave's newly released single or you're watching their latest film and you think you're slick wearing sunglasses and a giant oversized hat — make no mistake ONTD will remind you (whether those receipts are solid & freshly printed or are weak, old, outdated, and now fading). After a certain country star's choice this past weekend, who could be next to fall from ONTD's good graces? We look at five current favorites on ONTD that belong to some on here (cue that's not my favorite) just to get the conversation going & weigh in if they could ever support 45.

Ariana Grande

The good sis fell from ONTD's good graces once before. Let us not forget doughnut-gate. But more importantly, let us not forget how well she handled the Manchester bombings and helped and supported the victims from it. She was a class act and seemingly managed to turn a new leaf. A new chapter & era for Grande unfolds with new single, No Tears Left to Cry.

Odds of supporting 45? Unlikely. She tweeted “well this is utterly terrifying” during the election results.

Brandon Flowers

There are dozens of us on ONTD. But...White? ✔ A man? ✔✔ Mormon? Well shit. He's been stradlin' that problemative fave line for years and don't think this OP isn't well aware of it. BFlow may have been messy in the past and even have his own Diva-like antics. But he has yet to truly step in mud again. He seems like a decent person, wrote a beautiful statement after the Las Vegas Shooting, and held a benefit concert in Las Vegas alongside his band The Killers & Imagine Dragons with others last December to aid & support the families who lost their loved ones during the mass shooting. Still, I sleep with one eye open and have [DO NOT PUBLISH] a pre-written apology [DO NOT PUBLISH] for ONTD and an apology tour set for the day. You just know.

Odds of supporting 45? Unlikely. He's already said everything Trump says is bullshit and hope's he gets impeached.

Carly Rae Jepsen

Don't. Don't you dare, Carly. Please just, I don't wanna know. If you are messy, keep it on the low. 'Cause my heart can't take it anymore. — Mario Winans. The songstress is just on the verge of launching her much awaited fourth studio album and follow up to her critically acclaimed and 2015's E•MO•TION.

Odds of supporting 45? God, we hope not. Pride would never be the same.

Shawn Mendes

Him? I mean is he considered a fave to anyone on ONTD? Fair enough. I believe this new era has a few coming out the woodwork. Often (and by often I mean like 2-3 people max) referred to as the Twink of Pop, Mendes seems relatively harmless. In the closet? Whether he is or he isn't, that's nobody's business. The occasional singer is best friends with ex-Fifth Harmony member Karla Camila Cabello and I'm sure that's enough to raise certain eyebrows.

Odds of supporting 45? Unknown. 45 has tweeted out his own unfunny I Don't Know Her response about Mendes, but politics haven't been a big part of his interviews. But, you know, since he's a youth we'd hope he's woke. But if one Canadian already showed us - you just never know. Hashtag, not all Canadians!

Taylor Swift

I'm aware this is a controversial choice here. She's a clear fave on ONTD. Some would even categorize her a problematic fave, maybe. Is Swift's silence on most things political just as bad as saying something problematic? A lot will argue that it is. Other than the messy feuds she's had, her elusive squad, the catalog of ex-boyfriend anthems she's written and her petty ways, Swift has yet to say anything. It's quiet.

Odds of supporting 45? HmmmmmT. This one is interesting, the jury is still out on that one. As of this posting, she has yet to denounce Trump despite heavy online and media pressure to do so.

ONTD, on a scale of 1 to Azealia Banks how messy is your fave?

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