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ONTD Original: Kids Sports Movies & Their Adult Counterparts

As somebody who doesn't play or watch sports, I have certainly seen a lot of movies based on them. As a child of the 90s, they were a staple. Baseball, basketball, hockey, football it didn't matter. I watched them all.

Then I grew up.

D2: the Mighty Ducks & Miracle

After watching Miracle for the first time a couple weeks ago it became very clear that D2: The Might Ducks was basically the based on the true story of the 1980s Team USA Olympic hockey team before we actually got the based on the true story of the 1980s Team USA Olympic hockey team.

the herbies
the introductions
Russia is Iceland
Adam Banks is OC

And I am completely okay with that

The Big Green & Shaolin Soccer

Stay with me: ancient arts passed down through generations used to give the underdogs a chance to win against the best.

and this is basically a kid version of Stephen Chow

The Sandlot & Field of Dreams

It's not about winning or losing. It's just about the game
This field, this game: it's a part of our past, Ray. It reminds of us of all that once was good and it could be again.

Little Giants & The Replacements

Talk about the wrong stuff.

The Bad News Bears & A League of Their Own

This one is more for the coaches than anything. Coaches just in it for the money and not the game then their heart grows three sizes and feelings.

Plus the teams lose

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Now I know yall got a lot of opinions. What's your fave?

I know I'm missing basketball. Give me some recs.
Tags: 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, list, nostalgia, ontd original, sports / athletes - baseball, sports / athletes - football (nfl / cfl), sports / athletes - hockey, sports / athletes - soccer / football
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