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Janelle Monáe announces US tour!! + Dirty Computer promo articles + new music video!

+ Talks about being open and honest with her emotions on the album, and the vulnerability she had to show to make the album authentic

+ The album is a celebration of "dirty computers," or people who are different due to race, gender, sexuality, etc

+ Being honest is now more important to her than pleasing everyone

+ Janelle wants to have a family and she's scared that she'll be too career focused to make it happen

+ Talks about her shift of focus from her alter ego Cindi Mayweather for this album, because while there will be parallels to the Cindi character (naturally, since Cindi was based on Janelle), the album is about Janelle Monáe herself

+ Prince served as a mentor to her and helped with the album before his death

+ Dirty Computer is about women and sexuality, and has three themes: "Reckoning, Celebration, and Reclamation."

+ She is releasing a 50 minute "emotion picture" to support Dirty Computer on Thursday (more info here)

+ The film will center on the romance between Monáe and Tessa Thompson, but she's still coy about their relationship and her sexuality, in part due to her religious family

+ The article goes into her personal history and activism as well

Source 1 | Source 2 | Source 3 | Source 4 | Source 5

Dirty Computer will be out April 27! PREORDER NOW!!

Where will you be seeing Janelle this summer??
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