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ONTD Original: Throwback to Britney and Gaga's Parking Fails 🚗

Celebs: they're are just like us! And they get into embarrassing car accidents. Yes there are threatening cases that happen in the streets, but sometimes sh** goes down in the parking lot too.

Britney Spears in Hollywood (2007)

It's no secret 2007 was a rough year for her, and the presence of paps did not help either. Britney was heading to a pharmacy in Hollywood driving her Mercedes station wagon, when she accidentally pulled up a little too soon and rear-ended the car next to her. Cameras flashed away as she readjusted her parking position and got out to see the damage.

Check out the clip:

Let's not forget when she opened the door and immediately nicked the car.

Britney investigates.

I'm not sure if she helped take care of the situation, but I hope she had the same concerns as Cher Horowitz.

Lady Gaga Rear-ending Mark Ronson's Car (2016)

Gaga, likely due to the New Yorker in her, was a late bloomer and obtained her driver's license in the same year at the age of 30.

This accident was not recorded, but the aftermath was conveniently captured for the filming of her Five Foot Two documentary. Gaga did some nice damage to music producer Mark Ronson's car with her Ford Bronco when she was on her way to the studio to work with Ronson and Florence Welch. She confronted him before they started working. (what a lovely way to begin a recording session)

Check out the clip:

Gaga after hitting his car and apologizing:

The collaborators look back at the incident fondly:

These moments bring up the question about the recent trend of proclaiming gays can't drive over social media.

So fellow LGBT/ONTD members, do you find driving and parking stressful or in anyway difficult? Are you a gay who can't drive?

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Tags: accidents, britney spears, candids, fail, florence + the machine, lady gaga, lgbtq / rights, music / musician (pop), ontd original
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