ONTD Investigates: Who was the famous actor Kaley Cuoco dumped for being a poor tipper?

American actress and one of the stars of the CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco, has been in the headlines recently for dumping a famous ex. Cuoco recently shared with Vogue a story about a celebrity ex she dated back when she was just 19 and starting her acting career. She ended the relationship because, are you ready? He was a poor tipper.

According to the actress: “I met a hot guy. An actor. I will not name his name. Let's call him, John. Because if I told you his name, you'd know who he is. We start dating and we go on all these really adorable dates. We took my dog on walks and we came back to my cute, new, little condo and we’d watch movies. At 19…I’m looking at this guy going, I’m going to marry him. This is the father of my children, I'm so in love! He was magical - everyone that met him loved him too and we looked cute together. Nothing could go wrong,” she tells Vogue.

While on their first dinner date, “John” insisted on paying and took the bill and just stared at it for sometime until he pulled his phone out to calculate an 8% tip. Cuoco was horrified.

He's multiplying like an eight percent tip. Oh my god. He's cheap, he's cheap! He's a bad tipper. It started to get to the point where when he would pay - which was hilarious he wanted to pay for everything - I'd make up these lies. I would run back inside, throwing cash to the server or whoever we owed money to. I didn't know how we would progress. This entire relationship was built on lies because I'm just lying to him. People thought he was so generous, but I was going broke. I wasn't on Big Bang at this point,” she explains.

She ends by saying, “I did go back in and tip the server, I never went back into that restaurant again, and we split up a week later. Well, there you go chaps. If you ever want to stand a chance of impressing Kaley Cuoco at some point in your life, by all means, tip well.

So who is the cheap Mr. Krabs?

ONTD lazily investigates five ex-boyfriends and suspects.

Josh Henderson

The two briefly dated from 2005 to 2006.

Is he the Cheapskate? Quite possible. 2004-05 would be the ideal time frame and when she would have been 19.

Henry “Fat” Cavill

No love in this world was more real and true than the love between Kaley and Henry. This OP has no doubts that they consider each other the one that got away. The two had a very serious and long term 10-day relationship from June to July 2013.

Is he the Cheapskate? Nope. Doesn't fit the timeline and unfortunately for Cavill she was not 19 when they dated.


Because I need to be certain that Cavill is not the person in question, I'm willing to put myself in harm's way and go deep and undercover by sleeping with the British actor. Purely and only for research purposes and to get the complete and accurate story.

Johnny Galecki

The two who co-star together in the CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory secretly dated from 2008 until 2010.

Is he the Cheapskate? Nope. She was in her mid-20's by then.

Thad Luckinbill

Cuoco dated the Young & The Restless actor back in 2002.

Is he the Cheapskate? Unlikely. She would have been 17-18 then.

Kevin Zegers

Kaley had a brief romance with the Canadian actor in 2004.

Is he the Cheapskate? Possibly. The timeline and age both somewhat match.

Overall Conclusion

A list of nobodies and Superman. From the way Kaley did not want to disclose his name, it would seem he'd be an A-lister...damn, at least an actor with a TV show that isn't on The CW. The cheap ex-boyfriend is probably someone else and somebody she kept private and to herself.

ONTD, are you cheap?

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