Watching you masturbate (pastelstar) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Watching you masturbate

GMA Avengers Interviews Assembled™

☺ Fluffalo in China, Interview with Future Captain America Sam Wilson
☺ Anthony Mackie is handsome, hilarious, and charming
☺ He mentions Seb's tight pants
☺ A clip of Sam, Steve and Nat fighting Thanos' named minions

☺ Karen Gillan makes an video appearance from Singapore
☺ Letitia talks about the Black Panther movie kicking ass left right and centre
☺ Movie clip is shown, talks about being in Drake video
☺ Tiny adorable babies ask questions, Letitia answers adorably

☺ Crisp Rat went to Braziland talks for 2 seconds via video
☺ The Pasty Three in the UK (Burlington Coatfactory, Spider-Fetus, Hiddlesnatch)
☺ Tom H the younger is shitting himself because he's afraid of blabbing during the live interview
☺ Tom H the desiccated gives boring slightly OT answer to question about favourite character

Source 1, 2, 3

Who's your favourite MCU character, ONTD? (ty toxic_illusion!)

And FYI, if you post from your phone and preview the post, LJ eats your tags. /themoreyouknow
Tags: anthony mackie, benedict cumberbatch, interview, marvel, tom holland
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