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UFO death cult film "The Endless" roundup: exclusive clip & interview with the filmmakers

The Endless is OP's favorite UFO death cult film, is still certified fresh at 96%, and as of this weekend the indie horror film is now playing multiple cities across the US (more below).

Here's a recently released clip from the film to help entice you to go see it:

Recent interview with the filmmakers at (no spoilers):


  • The film debuted at Tribeca last year.

  • In the film, the filmmakers (Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead) play two brothers who escaped a cult when they were younger, but both remember the cult quite differently. They receive a video from the cult in the mail, and after watching it, Aaron convinces Justin to go back one more time and visit.

  • They discuss how personal, but not autobiographical, the film is.

  • They talk about leaving things unseen in the film, and mostly because they didn't have the budget! (Another reason why they opted to play the leads in the film).

  • One of their inspirations for the film was "Manson Family Vacation."

  • They discuss the difficulty in getting films like this known about and seen. (This is where they should have said, "Well there's a girl on livejournal who stans us...

Where you can see the film:

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