Moderator booed after asking Michelle Pfeiffer how much she weighed during Scarface

  • At a panel at the Tribeca Film Festival celebrating 35 years of the movie Scarface moderator Jesse Kornbluth opened with the always promising line "As the father of a daughter" before just jumping forward and asking Michelle Pfeiffer how much she weighed while filming the movie

  • He was promptly booed by the audience while someone loudly asked him why he needed to know that

  • Pfeiffer appeared taken aback, but after saying that she didn't know, pointed out that she was playing a cocaine addict in the film

  • Kornbluth said that was his point in asking the question

  • When reached for a statement Kornbluth said:

It is true that a gentleman should never ask a woman about her weight. But that was not my question. (OP NOTE: HIS EXACT QUESTION WAS: As the father of a daughter I'm concerned with body image. In preparation for this film what did you weigh? 75 pounds?)It is a comment on the knee-jerk political correctness of our time that no one would be shocked if you asked Robert De Niro about the weight gain required for his role in ‘Raging Bull’ but you get booed — not by many, but by a vocal few — for asking Michelle Pfeiffer about the physical two-dimensionality required for her to play a cocaine freak in “Scarface.”

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ONTD as the daughter of a father I want to know... why are men?