Normani set to collaborate with Missy Elliott for solo debut

"She wants to do the same thing with me that she kind of did with Aaliyah"

Speaking with Billboard, Normani explained why the collaboration is such a big deal. “I’ll be working with Missy Elliott soon, and the fact that she’s even willing to take a chance on me as a new artist means a lot, considering that she’s the one I’ve looked up to since I was a little girl,” she explained. “I literally remember dancing in my grandmother’s living room to all of Missy Elliott’s records. She’s such an innovator, and there’s no one else out there like her. The fact that she is willing to work with me…I’m like, ‘Who? Me?’”

She's been seen at the studio with Stargate, their manager (Tim Blacksmith) and Jeremy Levin (Jacob Kasher and Benny Blanco manager)

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