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The Future of the NXIVM Cult and Allison Mack

"Raniere is safely behind bars, but as long as Mack is free to lead the women, they will likely hold together, held by the insane and destructive grip of an invidious, ruthless and diabolical individual – – no, not Keith Raniere – but Allison Mack."

Buffalo, NY arts/entertainment news outlet, Artvoice, just released another article this afternoon, stating that Allison Mack is the new defacto leader of the NXIVM cult, specifically naming names of other cult members (and their level of participation) and saying that Allison has and had an active role in the branding of cult members and came up with the idea of branding members herself.

"Allison Mack entered the dark cult of NXIVM after having been recruited by Smallville actress Kristen Kreuk. Kreuk escaped but left Mack behind."

"In Clifton Park, NY (sidenote: how many Upstate babies went to shows at Northern Lights?,) Raniere, who is now in federal custody, and Mack set up a scheme to brand human females to enslave them."

"With Raniere in prison, Mack is the head of the group. She is still trying to recruit women into the group and holding onto the current slaves with an iron hand."

"Silence is required of the ensure this silence, every woman is required to provide "collateral" - confessions on audio or video to crimes or humiliating acts she or family members have done in life. She may betray family and friends. She may make false confessions. Wealthy women are required to give financial assets as collateral to Mack."

Mack’s collateral to Raniere was described as:

(1) a letter regarding Mack’s mother and father that would “destroy their character”

(2) a contract that transferred custody of any children birthed by Mack to Raniere, if Mack broke her commitment to Raniere

(3) a contract that transferred ownership of Mack’s home if the commitment to Raniere was broken

(4) a letter addressed to social services alleging abuse to Mack‘s nephews.

(TW for all these articles b/c they have images of the branding/mutilation and go into more graphic detail about the branding)
Source: Artvoice
Source: Artvoice (2)
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