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Director Claire Denis hates a lot of things, talks #metoo and Cannes


Claire Denis hates being called a "female director," because it sounds like a description of an animal. When the interviewer (Donald Clarke of the Irish Times) mentions that it's relevant to the current climate, Denis gives an unprompted comment on #metoo:

"I don’t want this thing about Weinstein and women in film. It’s boring. I made my way. I made my films and I am a woman. Nobody raped me for making a film. The problem with this story is that people are victims when somebody has the power over them. But I was not really in that position. I had always a freedom. I was not obliged to go to a hotel room with somebody to get a film produced. I should have, maybe. To get a bigger film. Harvey Weinstein never asked me. I made my life differently. I don’t want to comment on this story of female film-making."

Denis also hates being asked what she's learned from working with people, claiming “You don’t learn from a person – unless you’re getting drunk with them and things like that...It is not a monastery where the monks are learning from a prayer book. It is humanity. It is sexiness. They are sexy.”

In addition, Denis hates thinking about trends in French film such as structuring the narrative around a philosophical theme. "I don’t care a damned shit!" she says. "I do what I can. We are normal people. Even though we are French."

She dgaf that none of her films since Chocolat (1988) have competed for the Palme d’Or at Cannes because she "takes what she's given."

High Life ft. Robert Pattinson premiers this year; it is her first film in English, which she says is because "In space the language is English or Russian. So that made sense. Well, it’s true. They speak Chinese, maybe.”

She yells about the English title of her film Let the Sunshine In. Claims "they" lied and it's a poor translation of the French title Un beau soleil intérier which is closer to "A great sunshine inside."

There's more at the source about her childhood in Africa, her directing aesthetic, and her catalog of work.

Denis turns 72 on Saturday.


Are you French, ONTD?
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