Un ONTD Original: Nueve Telenovelas de México that were Underrated

“Preciosa” — (1998)

Descripción: A humble disabled girl named Preciosa Ruiz (Irán Castillo) dreams of becoming a circus star. She then falls in love with a doctor (Mauricio Islas) who is engaged to Preciosa's evil half-sister Valeria (Nailea Norvind), both of whom are unaware they're even half-sisters to begin with. The circus folk and Mamá Pachis (Leyenda Carmen Salinas) watch after her to protect Preciosa from the evil Ring Master, Sandor (Roberto Ballesteros).

“Mi Pequeña Traviesa” — (1997)

Descripción: Julia (Michelle Vieth) is a high school graduate who dumps her gangster boyfriend, Mercurio (Khotan Fernandez). Her father is then crippled in a hit-and-run, forcing her to become the family's main provider. She gets a job with a tailor but only after disguising herself as a boy - Julio - to obtain that job. Her new work takes her into the high society world of a young lawyer & aspiring director named Alberto (Héctor Soberón). Her childhood friend, Juan Felipe (Mauricio Islas) also falls in love with Julia. She tries to balance her new job and three suitors competing for her love. As if being torn between two lovers (and a very jealous Mercurio) wasn't enough, she then has to deal with the antics of Deborah (Arleth Terán) and Barbara (Mariana Seoane). These two ladies are obsessed with Alberto and Juan, respectively.

“La Mentira” — (1997)

Descripción: La Mentira (translated The Lie) tells the story of Demitrio Azunsolo (Guy Ecker). He goes searching for his half-brother, Ricardo Platas (Rodrigo Abed) in a remote Mexican village. He is crushed to learn that Ricardo has died. After questioning the villagers, Demitrio learns that Ricardo committed suicide after being scorned by an ex-lover. After investigating, Demitrio comes to the conclusion that this heartless woman lives in the villa of the wealthy businessman Teodoro Fernandez-Negrete (Eric del Castillo). Obsessed in his plan to avenge his brother’s death, Demitrio travels to Mexico City and meets Virginia (Karla Álvarez) and Veronica Fernandez-Negrete (Kate del Castillo), Teodoro’s beautiful nieces. Virginia is sweet and soft spoken while Veronica is vivacious and exuberant. Demitrio’s first impressions lead him to blame Veronica for his brother’s death. Unfortunately, his allegations are unfounded and both Demitrio and Veronica find out that Virginia’s innocence is all a façade to mask her diabolical schemes.

“María Isabel” — (1997)

Descripción: María Isabel is one of the few telenovelas that focuses on the life of an indigenous female protagonist and her community. María Isabel (Adela Noriega) is a young woman of indigenous descent, faced with the responsibility of raising Rosa Isela, the orphaned daughter of her best friend. She finds employment at the home of Ricardo Mendiola (Fernando Carrillo), a rich widower, and his young daughter, Gloria. Ricardo’s kindness and decency cause Isabel to fall in love with him, though she keeps it a secret for many years. Ricardo's young daughter, Gloria, influences María Isabel's young one, Rosa Isela, to feel ashamed of her “Indian” mother María Isabel. The ungrateful Rosa Isela then abandons Isabel to live with her wealthy grandfather. Shortly soon after, Ricardo realizes that he is falling in love with her and asks María Isabel to be his wife. The happiness is short lived however as many more obstacles come between them.

“Volver a Empezar” — (1994)

Descripción: Volver a Empezar (translated Start Again) tells the story of Renata “Reny” Jiménez (Yuri or Yuridia Valenzuela-Canseco), a Latin pop star who has adoring fans, is rich and has a family that loves her. Unfortunately Reny's sister, Sandra (Claudia Silva) and Reny's husband, Santiago (Rafael Sánchez Navarro), are not exactly fond of her. Santiago wants her money and Sandra wants her fame. Sandra arranges an accident that paralyzes Reny from the waist down, keeping her from performing, and with the help of Santiago, she disappears from the limelight, penniless. Reny however doesn't exactly love her husband anyways, and falls in love with her manager, Tony (Guillermo Garcia Cantú). Also in love with her are: Chayanne (as himself), a famous Puerto Rican pop star; Lalo (Fernando Ciangherotti) a poor, aspiring musician; and the doctor who is trying to cure her paralysis. Unfortunately, love cannot stop the twisted plan by Sandra and Santiago to get what they want from Reny, making it almost impossible for her to begin again.

“La Otra” — (2002)

Descripción: La Otra (translated La Usurpadora 2.0 The Other Woman) is about two women, Carlota and Cordelia (Yadhira Carrillo) who are physically identical, but on the inside are complete opposites. Carlota has grown up in a world dominated by her mother, Bernada (Jacqueline Andere), who emotionally abuses her and her older sister, Eugenia (Mercedes Molto). Cordelia has grown up in a little town surrounded by farms and ranches and is obsessed with wealth and power and will stop at nothing to get it. Eugenia gets pregnant out of wedlock, faced by embarrassment Bernada sends her to a small town, the town in which Cordelia resides. Carlota starts dating a doctor named Alvaro (Juan Soler) and falls in love. However, her mother Bernada won't allow it, because if any of her daughters get married, Bernada will have to give them each their inheritance which is everything Bernada has. When Eugenia dies shortly after giving birth, their mother Bernada uses this to her advantage and makes Alvaro believe it was Carlota who had passed away (he was not aware she had a sister) when he see's a closed casket at their home, thus breaking his heart. Alvaro believes Carlota has died and Carlota believes Alvaro has abandoned her. Years later as fate would have it, Carlota and Cordelia would meet and exchange places for Cordelia's daughter's sake. Carlota disguised as Cordelia would then fall in love with Alvaro all over again - unaware of the truth that he never left her. More lies and deceit would unfold in this story known as, La Otra.

“Rencor Apasionado” — (1998)

Descripción: Rencor Apasionado (translated Burning Resentment) tells the story of heiress Karina Rangel (Natalia Esperón) who suffers a nervous breakdown after the death of her parents and brother, and when she wakes up she finds herself in a psychiatric hospital, locked up by her step-sister, Mariana (Magda Karina), who wants to seize her money. Germán, a faithful employee of Karina, arrives at a plan to free her from the asylum and tormenting of her sister: marriage. With the help of two lawyers, a marriage of convenience is arranged between Karina and Mauricio Gallardo (Eduardo Santamarina), a young man whose family is on the verge of bankruptcy. She would secure her freedom and he would raise money to save his family's fortune. But Karina is only told that Mauricio is willing to marry her to help her, and after they give her his picture, and believing that he must have a heart of gold, she falls in love with him. Mauricio, on the other hand, is never informed that the rich heiress is locked up in an asylum. In fact, the only reason why he agreed to marry her is because his girlfriend, the beautiful and ambitious Mayte Monteverde (Aracely Arámbula) despises him when she discovers that his family no longer has money. Already furious, he is repulsed by the haggard appearance of Karina and has a grudge even after he says “I Do.” Mauricio goes on a trip, but a year later, his wife has become a beautiful woman, one who now has the same resentment for his rejection.

“Caminos Cruzados” — (1995)

Descripción: Caminos Cruzados (translated Crossroads) tells the story of Patricia (Mariana Levy), a sensitive and intelligent woman, begins to work in the firm of Ambrosio and César Augusto (father and son). Both fall in love with her, but Cesar Augusto (Ariel López Padilla) breaks off his relationship with his girlfriend, Valeria (Tania Helfgott) and marries her. Patricia and César Augusto will separate during a snowing accident. Years later however, they will meet again having completely different lives: she is a hard-working woman and he is married to another woman.

“Sin Ti” — (1997)

Descripción: Sin Ti (translated Without You) is about Sagrario Molina (Gabriela Rivero), a Biology teacher in a private school for young ladies and in her free time she attends a hostel for children with cancer. With her lives her widowed sister, Leonor, and her two nephews, Pablo and Lupita. At school she meets Luis David Luján, (René Strickler) a journalist who starts teaching literature at school. Love begins to emerge between Sagrario and Luis David, who are forced to marry to avoid a scandal that could ruin the career of Luis David, since Maria Elena Ysaguirre (Adamari López), a capricious and untamable student of very good economic position has become deeply obsessed with the teacher Luis. Maria Elena finally manages to get the couple to separate when Sagrario discovers Luis David and Maria Elena kissing, thus Sagrario and Luis David divorce. Shortly after, Sagrario begins to be courted by Guillermo Ysaguirre (Roberto Vander), the father of Maria Elena. Although she feels only a friendly appreciation for him, Sagrario decides to marry him, as Leonor suddenly dies and Sagrario has to take care of the two children. However, Sagrario finds herself in a very uncomfortable situation when Guillermo takes her home, since Maria Elena and Luis David are living together there. Aware that his true love is Sagrario, Luis David feels betrayed when he discovers that she is pregnant, without suspecting that the father of the daughter of Sagrario is himself.

ONTD, qué telenovelas de México o de otro país fueron tus favoritas?

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