Trailer for Kingdom Hearts III Feature "Classic Kingdom" Retro Games + KHUX Fan Convention

– Earlier today in Anaheim, California, Kingdom Hearts fans gathered for the official Dandelion Meeting convention, centered around the mobile game Kingdom Hearts: Union Cross X, but also offered more Kingdom Hearts III footage ft. panels of series veterans like director Tetsuya Nomura.
– KH3 will feature "Classic Kingdom" shown in the trailer above, where Sora be able to play over 20 retro-styled minigames on an LCD screen, styled after classic games or Mickey Mouse shorts. "Giantland" is one such minigame, based on the Jack and the Beanstalk animated short with Mickey. Footage features Hayner, Pence and Olette with new outfits in a remade area of Twilight Town.
– These games will be collectable as you play throughout KH3, in the style of the 100 Acre Wood pages. As we all know, so no more commenting how it's never coming out it's been 84 years.gif there will be a delay et. al, KH3 is coming out later this year, and "Classic Kingdom" will also be available to play on the mobile KHUX game, said to launch shortly before KH3.
– PVP Mode is in the works for KHUX. A brand new world for KHUX will be introduced soon not seen in any other games. Nomura said that a character from that world will appear as a summon in KH3.
– More footage was shared with fans at the event, including art design discussion. Recording was banned and one guy got kicked out by Nomura's assassins for trying to do so, RIP we will never forget your bravery.
– Expect more promotion and trailers as the year goes on. Coverage below the cut.

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ONTD, does it feel real yet?

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