John Krasinski Breaks Down A Quiet Place's Lantern Scene

John Krasinki made his studio directorial debut with the recently released horror film, A Quiet Place. In the scene, the children are playing Monopoly and accidentally knock over a lantern.

  • Although it's a horror film, the theme is family and what you would do for your kids

  • This is one of his favorite scenes; lays out the rules of how to remain quiet and what happens if you don't

  • Sound is the character in the film, tying the film together; as it is impossible to live completely silently, there are rules of what sounds the audience hears are too dangerous and which one's aren't

  • Discusses the lantern falling over: it's one of the first major noises you hear in the movie and it is a live fire; was shot on two cameras to capture all the tension

  • Wanted the movie to feel beautiful; to achieve this, A Quiet Place was shot on film

  • Discusses set design, and how Emily Blunt's character set the house up

  • Talks about why he chose Millicent (Milly) Simmonds, who is deaf in real life, to play a character who is also deaf; to give the audience the perspective of being in her world, sound was pulled out from some of Milly's character's scenes

  • His biggest fear was that without dialogue, he wouldn't be able to have pace and tension, but the performances of the children was "so unbelievably pure and honest" that we can believe that the situation is real

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