New Couple Alert? - Iggy Azalea and Tyga

In case you care (I know you don't), there have been some rumors flying that Iggy "Eggy Eggs" Azalea and Chicken of the Sea are dating. Expired Tuna was seen with his arm around her during The Weeknd's Coachella set. Unclear if they snuck in or someone paid for them. There's even subtle Instagram posts of the two having matching sneakers (that's dope) that has now been deleted by Toga. Here's some evidence.

Tyga previously "dated" Kylie Jenner while Clueless Culture Vulture Copycat broke off a relationship with Nick Young after catching him cheating. Both couples have already lots in common as they struggle to make singles sell, maintain relevancy and have amounted some serious debt (him with just about everyone, and her with American Express).

ONTD, do two negative credit scores equal a positive one?

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