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I’ll be your favorite worst mistake.

ONTD Original: Five Times Celebs Snapped at People in Public

Celebrities, they're just like us! Sometimes, they just want a day out and about without having to be hounded by the general public, fans, and chased by paparazzi when they don't call them on themselves. But such is the price to pay for fame. Today, we'll be rating five celebrities that snapped at the general public. Sometimes to fans, the paparazzi or even mouthy residents of a city to defend their big sister! I'm temporarily reviving MTV's Boiling Points here to measure just how red these celebs get - but we're not setting a time limit. We'll spin the concept into a BP thermometer and rate it. Shall we proceed?

Ian Somerhalder: “You guys, listen. No no, stop! Everybody listen! I love you guys, I'm not taking a single photo today. It's my day. Don't follow us. Please! I love you guys, you're so good to us. You're so awesome. Do not follow us okay? This is too much.”

BoilingPoint™ Rating:

It's MY day...Collapse )

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Tags: halsey, ian somerhalder, jamie lynn spears, justin bieber, list, ontd original, shawn mendes
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