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ONTD Original: This Was Britney and Christina Fashion

I want to show appreciation to Britney and Christina's fashion senses during their early days, which was quintessential turn of the millennium teeny bopper popstar. It's funny that at one point, people saw this as another dark age for style (and lbr the early '00 was not a good time for 99% of celebs), but now we're at a place to reflect and appreciate all of its vibrant and tacky glory.

Here's a post showing a few moments that this style still lived on in the past decade, mostly through celebs like Charli XCX, Tinashe, Liz, and Rihanna. No, I'm not insinuating they started these trends that were of that time, but we're just gonna look back through their lens. *image heavy, probably not mobile-friendly post*

Colored tinted Glasses

Tinashe (2017), Drake (2016), Rina Sawayama (2017). Tinted glasses ARE back and even those type of glasses that are too small to be practical.

A cropped corset top

Charli XCX took cues for her "Doing It" music video.

Britney's oversized athleisure

LIZ (2013), Rihanna (2015). For when you're feeling very cool and interesting and 'urban'.

Christina's revealing slit moment

Tinashe (2018).

Super hero tank tops

Liz (2015).


I don't know if Guy Fieri should be accredited to the very graphic Hot Wheel flames when Britney wore it on her 'Oops!' tour in 2000. Rihanna (2017), LIZ (2015), and Kyl*e (2017) followed.

Bucket Hats

Kehlani (2017), LIZ (2015), Rihanna (2015). Schoolboy Q ain't got nothin on them.

Shiny, shiny ensembles

Charli (2014), Bebe Rexha (2016), and Tinashe (2017). Zenon is #quaking.

And bandana's...

Jorja Smith (2017), Tinashe (2016), Rihanna (2016), and Kylie Jenner (2016) pictured. Caution: this post does NOT encourage or is affiliated with gang activity.

An honorable mention to R*mney and Tr*mp supporter Trisha Paytas who, whether intentionally or not, can check off taking a few looks from Xtina's "Come On Over" music video.

And also Gaga when she took note of the early Christina + Britney silhouette in 2011

Fashion post? ONTD, what y2k styles are you incorporating into your wardrobe?

Sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / me
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