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Celebrities That Were Caught Heckling NBA Players

Unlike other sporting events, where the rich and the famous will hide away in their luxury boxes; at NBA games, celebrities actually want to be seen. For the small cost of thousands of dollars, celebs get the privilege of being seen (and heard) by the players on the court; leading to some memorable moments caught on tape. In honor of the NBA Playoffs starting today, here's a list of celebrities that were caught heckling a player:

Spike Lee vs Reggie Miller

What happened: In the 1994 Eastern Conference Finals, avid Knicks fan and trash-talker, Spike Lee, met his match in Reggie Miller. Miller was having a poor shooting night and it was only made worst by Lee’s jabs, particularly the ones about his sister - Cheryl Miller. (Cheryl was a legendary NCAA player and as the older sister of Reggie, she constantly casted a long shadow over him)
Did it help: No, Miller used Lee’s comments to fuel his motivation, proceeding to score 25 points within the 4th quarter. As the Pacers made their comeback, Miller started to taunt Lee right back; leading to the infamous chock sign and nut grab aimed at Lee and his wife. The NY Daily News’ headline the next day was “Thanks A Lot, Spike.”

Drake vs Justin Holiday

What Happened: In the end of a close game between Drake’s Toronto Raptors and the Chicago Bulls, Bull’s player Justin Holiday had 5 seconds to inbound the ball to his teammates when Drake started yapping in his ear.
Did it Help: Yes, Holiday failed to inbound the ball within the allocated time and the ball was turned over to the Raptors. (Though the Raptors did proceed to lose this game anyways)

Rihanna vs Kevin Durant

What Happened: In the 2017 Finals, Rihanna, a well-known LeBron fan; yelled “Brick” at the opposing team player, Durant, while he was in the middle of shooting a three.
Did it Work: No, Durant made the shot and proceeded to stare down Rihanna.

Jack Nicholson vs the Lakers

What Happened: Jack Nicholson (and Adam Sandler) the iconic Laker fan, voiced his disgust at his team's level of play by leaving the game early.
Did it Work: Well the Lakers haven't made the playoffs in the past five years...

Jimmy Buffett vs the Refs?

What Happened: During a close game between the Miami Heats and the NY Knicks, Jimmy Buffett (yes, that Jimmy Buffett) was ejected by the referee. Apparently, Heat fan Buffett is not as mellow as most people would think since the ref found Buffett use of profanities as enough reason to remove him.
Did it Work: Well the Heat did lose that game but Buffett can lord it over Lil Wayne that he was ejected first.

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What was the best heckle you've heard aim at a player?
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