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Do You Remember: Forgotten Male Pop Artists of 2000s

So you got a collab with the biggest rappers. So you worked with the biggest hitmakers. *Shania voice* That don't impress me much.

But your little career run faded a little too soon in pop standards, and you're just no good anymore. We're familiar with pop girls who were very of their time, and we can't leave the fellas out either! Whether it's because male pop is inherently dry & beige and only can hold up for so long (counting down for Shawn and *d's time), these men range from one-hit-wonders to those who had a few hits to their name.

Jesse McCartney

You may also know: "Beautiful #Sole", "Because You Live"

Where are they now: Still with an active music career and dropped an album in 2014 which no one really knew about. He recently released a new single called "Better With You," but he still has a loyal #stan base!

Jay Sean

You may also know: "Down"

Where are they now: He left his label in 2014 due to difference in 'artistic direction' (code for you ain't making them money), so I'm assuming he's independent now. Since his late '00s run he's been featured on some DJ tracks.

Matt Pokora

You may also know: N/A

Where are they now: French Justin Timberlake released a few albums since and is taking notes of being a retired artist a la Xtina and is a judge on The Voice Kids France and The Voice: la plus belle voix.

Ryan Cabrera

You may also know: "True"

Where are they now: Ex-love of Ashlee Simpson, Lisa Origliasso from The Veronicas, and Audrina from The Hills works in a music collective called Beyond the Sky. I Googled him and think you can still catch him doing gigs and very small venues.

Sean Kingston

You may also know: "Take You There", "Fire Burnin'"

Where are they now: One of the more successful guy here, he's sporadically released singles and is working on a new album. He also thrives on features, but I don't know if we need his voice on the radio.

Kevin Rudolf

You may also know: N/A

Where are they now: Like Jay Sean, his contract with his label was up and now works as an independent artiist.

Colby O' Donis

You may also know: "Beautiful" (Akon), "Just Dance" (Lady Gaga)

Where are they now: I peeped his IG and he's been writing songs but still terribly under the radar... I don't know if he's booking gigs or anything.

ONTD why do you think MOC in pop have been disproportionately flopped in their careers?

Sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7
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