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Indian Celebrities React To The Kathua/Unnao Cases

Backstory About The Kathua Case

[CW: Rape and Murder]

- An 8-year-old girl, Asifa Bano, was kidnapped, drugged, gang-raped and tortured for several days, and then strangled to death in Kathua, which is located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Her body was found on January 17, 2018, but the story has made headlines again as eight men have now been arrested for the crimes.

- Asifa belonged to a Muslim nomadic community in the Kashmir Valley division called the Gujjars (some sources say she was Bakarwal, I'm not sure which one is correct), who are shepherds and travel across the Himalayas with their livestock. They sometimes travel to the Jammu division for grazing, and this has put them in conflict with the locals, who are predominately Hindu and have accused the Gujjars of trying to alter the demographics of the region. The men who have been accused of kidnapping, gang-raping, and murdering Asifa are Hindu. Investigators have said that they believe the perpetrators committed these crimes against Asifa to send a message and drive the Gujjars out of Jammu. These details are important as they relate to the socio-political climate of Jammu (Hindu majority region) and Kashmir Valley (Muslim majority region). Kashmir Valley (Indian administered) has also had a turbulent relationship with the Indian government, and there has been an armed rebellion against Indian rule as far back as 1989.

- The case has shocked and angered not only the Kashmiri community, but many across the South Asian region as well, and it highlights the religious conflicts between the Jammu and Kashmir Valley divisions. Since the arrests have been made, there have been protests by right-wing Hindu groups in Jammu against the apprehending, and they are suggesting that the eight men are being falsely accused of the rape/murder because they are Hindus.

- Several Indian celebrities have demanded justice for Asifa and have raised awareness about the case as well.

ETA: I'm going to add some backstory about the Unnao case as well

[CW: Rape]

- A 17-year-old girl was raped in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh last year, and she accused a BJP lawmaker and his accomplices of being her rapist.

- The case made headlines again last Sunday, when the rape survivor tried to immolate herself outside of a Chief Minister's office. She did this because the police failed to take action against her rapist.

- Now a BJP lawmaker, Kuldeep Singh Sengar, has been arrested for the rape.

- This case has also received widespread attention in India, and Indian celebrities have called for justice for the rape survivor as well.

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I found out about the Kathua case yesterday, and it made me sick to my stomach. RIP to Asifa and I hope she gets justice. ETA: I added some details about the Unnao case as well, and I hope the survivor of that case receives justice too.
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